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To purchase Young Living products please contact me via message, text, phone and I will assist you in selection based on you and your family's personal needs. I will be your sponsor and enroller and my YL# is 862967.  You can also sign up at and use my number as your enrolled and sponsor number. Please contact me anytime for help with this or with any questions you may have.


I would like to tell you when and why I started using Young Living Essential Oils and Oil-Infused Wellness Products.

Over15 years ago, I was using essential oils in my practice of Massage Therapy. I used this brand and that brand and really.I did not like any if them. I wondered if there were really high quality therapeutic essential oils. Essential oils that just didn't have a pretty scent but were really going to work therapeutically. I searched more. I tried more of various other companies but still I did not like the quality.I wanted to be very careful about what I was using on my clients.

One day a colleague introduced me to Young Living Oils and said they were different. Well, I thought, sure they are, after trying a zillion before that.

But after awhile,I decided to just try one. So I started out with a Young Living Essential Oil called Valor on my clients. I began noticing a difference right away (in my clients and myself!). My clients loved Valor and they became addicted to me using the oil during their massage sessions. They just loved it. So I thought well, I will keep using it and try more. Valor is a Young Living blend of essential oils that contains Spruce, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Rosewood. It supports the energy alignment of the body. No wonder my clients were loving it and it benefitted them so well during and after their sessions.

Then I started using Panaway too, a blend that is most useful for the muscular system and a massage therapist's best friend. It contains wintergreen, clove, and other essential oils.

Well, that is just the start of my story..I now use Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis for myself, my family, my pets, and my home. Oh yes, and I still use the very best for my massage clients..all Young Living products from the pure essential oils to the massage oil blends.

I knew I had found the best oils in the world and it turns out that Young Living IS the best oil company in the world. They are the world leader in Essential Oils with their specialized cultivation, harvesting, and distillation of pure, potent essential oils. Their Seed to Seal guarantee sets them apart from all other oil companies.

I LOVE Young Living. I TRUST Young Living. Young Living products are of excellence and you can use with confidence and trust on yourself, your family, your pets, and in your home.

I invite you to join me as a member of Young Living and see for yourself.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or more information. If you would like a class on the essential oils, I would be happy to do that for you or if you would like a sample please let me know. I look forward to helping you and your entire family including your kids and your pets with Young Living.

Dawn Dubois, Young Living Independent Distributor #862967

@2018 by Dawn DuBois, LMT, CTP, Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor