• Dawn DuBois, LMT, CTP

Summer flies by....Summer is almost...

here in the Northeast. And it will slip by as quickly as you can bat your eyes. Slow down the pace a little so you can take in the beauty of the summer months. The busyness of everyday living is at it's peak. (or maybe not) Families are run- ragged. Women are for the most part exhausted at this point. Especially Mothers. Be conscious of the summer. Take some time out to rest and enjoy. Kick back. Read a book, short story, poem, or even a magazine. Have some ice tea or lemonade with an old friend and chat away like there is no tomorrow. Get in that hammock and gaze into the sky until you feel your eyelids gently closing and you go into a natural deep sleep. So many things to do this summer but try and take a step back and take in the glory of the summer months. A massage will help get you in the relaxing mode for your summer. So you can enjoy it and relax with self and loved ones. Not one of those deep tissue painful massages...no, no. A massage with me is so relaxing. It will set you up for the summer. You will feel the bliss that you haven't felt in a long time. So book your appointment soon before you have that crazy vacation with the family. Have a beautiful, relaxing, summer. Blessings and Love.

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