Special Populations



“As my mom grew more uncomfortable losing both her independence and mobility residing in a nursing home, we decided to hire Dawn to provide therapeutic message for her. The last year that Dawn was still giving my Mom massage and compassionate touch and communication, she was 105 years old. Dawn came every week and gave my mother undivided attention, massage, and companionship. 
When I was out of town, I was always comforted by the fact that she was visiting my Mom once a week. My Mom thought highly of Dawn and enjoyed her attention. She loved her massages with Dawn. Dawn would mark the date that she was coming the next week on my Mom’s calendar and she would have that date to look forward all week long. I believe my Mom benefited greatly from Dawn’s visits….physically, mentally, and spiritually. I would recommend her highly for any of her services for Elders.
It made such a difference in her life. Dawn was so compassionate and caring, my mom was happier to see her than she was her own family! Dawn was able to alieve many physical discomforts but more importantly provided such compassionate touch that my mom was so much more comforted and happy. I cannot recommend her more highly.” Elizabeth Macfarlane, Chatham, NY

A different kind of massage…gentle, compassionate, focused individual sessions especially tailored for the following people populations: geriatric-elders, seniors, disabled, special needs, medically fragile, and/or those in end-stages-of-life.

This special massage is available for you or your loved ones.  (15,30, and 50 minute massage sessions are available)

Massages are customized for the client (on a session by session basis) respective to stage of life, life style, diagnosis, treatment, surgeries, side effects, contraindications, and the client’s requests.

Massage may be given in your home (limited distance) or a facility such as senior centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted-living environments, senior housing, disability centers or group homes, and hospice.

I am also available for presentations or classes for any organizations that are interested in learning more about helping their special population with their health and wellness through compassionate touch massage and essential oils.

My mission is to bring Gentle, Compassionate Touch Massage and Communication to communities that so desperately need it. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Compassionate Touch Practitioner, bringing this type of service to those in need is my goal and passion.

“Serving this expanding population with nurturing compassion and care is a unique part of the service that I offer. I use a set of techniques and skills, but more than that, I relate to each individual client and contribute to the quality of their life in some way that is both simple…and profound.”

Each heart-felt moment I spend with these populations brings me further to the goal of helping with their day-to-day life in order to live in peace and grace. My methods of massage are always properly adapted for each individual. Special care is taken to address issues such as bone fragility, skin integrity, positioning, medications, and other points of concern that you, your family or doctors may have. Each session is fully customized for for the individual to bring them the best care possible.”

@2018 by Dawn DuBois, LMT, CTP, Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor